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Fundamentals of the Oil Gas Industry Kigali Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price
  • Location Kigali Courses
  • Course Code FOGIK
  • Course Date 20 Nov - 24 Nov 2023

Course objectives

This course comprehensively covers the oil and gas supply chains from exploration through field development, valuation and risk production, transportation, processing and refining, marketing, contracts, trading, retailing, logistics, emerging markets and competition with alternative energies

Who Should Attend?

Planners, accounting personnel in the oil and gas industry

Prerequisite courses


Course Overview

Descriptions of the distinct oil and gas supply chains
Origin and distribution of oil and gas
Upstream production, reserves and price trends
Petroleum product consumption trends
Supply, demand licensing and bidding
Seismic and drilling technologies
Applying exploration and production technologies
Sub-surface and above-ground risks and opportunities
Economic evaluation of field developments
Project planning and managing field developments
Upstream fiscal terms, contractual and project finance
Costs, timing, efficiency and benchmarking the industry
Natural gas: pipelines, storage, LNG and GTL
Global gas trading, gas-to-power, co-generation and CHP
Gas supply contracts, distribution networks and liberalised markets
Range of crude oil compositions and evolving product barrel
Basic processes of refining and product outputs
Refinery management and optimisation operations
Refinery economics, gross product worth, net profit margins
Petrochemical industries - trends and forecasts
Syncrudes and heavy oil technologies and economics
Physical oil markets and crude pricing
The major oil and gas markets and trade movements
Oil trading and supply operations
Price exposure: the need to hedge
Product marketing and distribution logistics
Evolution of C-stores and unmanned forecourts
Renewable and alternative energies: threats or opportunities?

Learning Goal

Participants will gain a fundamental understanding of:

Oil and Gas Exploration Methods
Oil and Gas Supply Chain
Supply to Petrochemicals
Petroleum Economics
Continuous Improvement Techniques.
Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations

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