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Risk-Based Audit Dubai

Course Code: RBAD

Dates: 24 Mar - 28 Mar | 7 Jul - 11 Jul | 15 Sep - 19 Sep | 24 Nov - 28 Nov

Price: $3950

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with the necessary skill set to conduct a risk based audit

Who Should Attend?

Internal Audit Directors, Audit Managers and Senior Internal Auditors. Management responsible for establishing or controlling Internal Audit functions

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

Introduction and objectives
Risk Based Audit
Understanding Risk
Refocusing the Audit role to embrace risk
Corporate Governance and the Assurance providers
Risk Based audit in action
Measuring Success and Adding value
Marketing a risk based approach
Audit Planning
Undertaking a Risk based audit
Risk Based Audit Reporting
Why Traditional Reports need to Change

Course Materials

Notes, hand outs and exercise materials
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