Course Detail

Developing Personal Confidence, Impact and Assertiveness Dubai Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price $4950
  • Location Dubai Courses
  • Course Code DPCIAD
  • Course Date 12 Apr - 16 Apr 2020

Course Objectives

The objective is to develop greater confidence, learn and apply techniques to raise the level of impact they have on others, learn and apply assertive skills to help deal with interpersonal communications, develop influencing skills and make a positive contribution to meetings and maximise their own opportunities.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at those who have the potential to progress their career once they have developed these core skills

Prerequisite Courses

Course Overview

The training is adapted by our expert tutor to meet the precise learning goals of individual attendees. The outline contents are as follows:

  • Introductions and warm up exercise

  • How to have an immediate impact - your personal mission/credentials

  • Benchmarking and setting of individual learning objectives

  • How confidence works from a psychological perspective

  • How to build personal confidence

  • Owning your own space and developing personal presence

  • Filmed practice session and review

  • A look at the qualities required to make an impact on others

  • Planning to communicate with impact

  • Building your ‘personal brand’ and using effective communication tools

  • Filmed practice session and video review (feedback on personal performance)

  • The basis of assertive behaviour

  • How to develop a positive assertive style

  • Personal behaviours that gain respect

  • Personal presentation skills

  • Using your personality to best effect

  • Questioning and listening skills

  • How to positively manage
  • important conversations
  • Key tips for handling difficult questions and tricky conversations

  • Adapting to others and making them feel you are on their wavelength

  • Building positive relationships

  • Further advice, tips and coaching as required

  • Course Materials

    Notes, handouts and exercise materials