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Financing of Oil and Gas Operations: Principles, Practices and Analytical Tools Duration: 1 Week/s

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  • Course Code FOGP
  • Course Date 2 Oct - 6 Oct 2023

Course Objectives:

The industry is highly capital-intensive, and so strong returns are critical to attracting low-cost
debt and equity capital. In fact, while many of the integrated companies have the cash flow and
financial wherewithal to fund capital spending internally, they frequently rely on external debt
and new equity capital, particularly to finance larger acquisitions and mergers. The industry has
also experienced rapidly growing needs for capital because of a number of different forces that
have driven many changes to the financing of the oil and gas industry for sometime now. Thus,
the combination of the capital-intensive nature of the industry and the large and varied risks
has resulted in financing innovations of a high order. This course, therefore, aims to provide
participants with the knowledge and skills, which finance managers use deploy in financing of oil
and gas operation and capital investment decisions.

Who Should Attend?

Finance Managers in the Oil & Gas Industry, etc

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • Traditional sources of finance

  • Factors complicating oil and gas operations in the finance world

  • Evolution of new financing methods for the oil and gas industry

  • Finance organisation in international headquarters

  • Management of central funds

  • Raising of new funds

  • Financing of a subsidiary

  • Financing of exploration activities

  • Financing approach to development and exploitation

  • Financing oil and gas production

  • Tankers and drilling rigs finance

  • Approaches to financing pipelines and processing plants

  • Financing liquefied natural gas systems

  • Taxation and the oil and gas industry

  • Insurance of oil and gas operations

  • Stock markets

  • Learning Goals

    Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to:
  • Develop competencies for selecting appropriate sources of financing oil and gas operations and investment.

  • Understand strategies for identifying dependable sources of funds, at the lowest cost, for financing oil and gas operations and investment.

  • Develop practical skills on the amounts and types of investment in current assets that an oil and gas entity should keep to remain liquid and profitable.

  • Develop practical skills on the amounts and types of financing from current liabilities should
    keep to remain liquid and profitable

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    Course notes