Course Detail

Drilling Operations in a Tight Pattern Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4460 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code DOTP
  • Course Date 4 Sep - 8 Sep 2023

Course Objectives:

The course gives an overview of drilling, well operations, drilling systems and challenges in the
frilling industry. Provides participants with the understanding of drilling and well technology and
terminology. Explanations of the physics in a practical perspective and provides an overall
picture of drilling and well operations.

Who Should Attend?

Production Technologists, Engineers, Field Technicians, Reservoir Engineers, etc

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • Basic Drilling Technology

  • The overall drilling process

  • Terminology in drilling

  • Rig equipment, rig types, drill bits MWD, drill strings, solids management, well control

  • Hole problems, stuck pipes, lost returns

  • Philosophies of drilling operations

  • Drilling trends and new technology

  • Casing and Cementing

  • Selecting casing and hole sizes

  • Setting depths, Selecting casing and connections

  • Casing stress, Casing loads

  • Cement and cement additives

  • Selecting appropriate slurries

  • Mud removal and cement placement

  • Stage cementing, squeezes and plugs

  • Preventing gas migration

  • Cementing equipment

  • Well head equipment

  • Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling

  • Applications for directional drilling

  • Directional profiles, Extended reach wells

  • Dogleg severity and their problems

  • Horizontal drilling methods

  • Logging high angle wells

  • Hole clearing

  • Multi-laterals

  • Tools to deflect a wellbore

  • Well Control

  • Abnormal pressure, Normal pore pressure, Abnormal pore pressure gradients

  • Fracture gradients

  • Mud weights

  • Causes of kicks

  • Kick indicators

  • Shut in procedure

  • Well-killed procedures

  • Course Materials

    The course will be enhanced through the use of case studies, DVD and daily exercises