Course Detail

Introduction to Exploration and Production Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4995 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code IEP
  • Course Date 2 Sep - 6 Sep 2024

Course Objectives

New and administrative personnel in the Oil and Gas business, often have insufficient
understanding of the upstream part of the business. This course provides a full overview of the
exploration for hydrocarbons, field development and operations, processing, storage and
transportation of the product. Oil and Gas history, project economics and political issued are
also covered

Who Should Attend?

Technical personnel, accounting & administrative personnel in the oil and gas industry,
Investment bankers, Service Industry personnel etc

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • History of the Oil and Gas business

  • Major players in the industry

  • Activities in Exploration and Production

  • Global energy resources, issues, PR and environment

  • Project phases and life cycles

  • Hydrocarbon basins/plays

  • Origins of hydrocarbons

  • Global geology, cycles, climates, structures and traps

  • Exploration tools and methods

  • Reservoirs, initial conditions, fluid properties

  • Basic drilling technology

  • Well technology, horizontal wells, artificial lift

  • Surface facilities design

  • Oil and Gas processing

  • Field operations

  • Basic project economics and financial performance indicators

  • Learning Goal

    Participants should gain knowledge of:
  • History of the oil industry including current issues

  • Geological concepts

  • Global distribution of hydrocarbons

  • Methods and tools used for hydrocarbon exploration including drilling

  • Static and dynamic models of reservoirs

  • How to assess amounts of
  • hydrocarbons in place and uncertainties
  • Field appraisal and development, surface engineering and field operations

  • Project - life cycle - economics

  • Environmental issues

  • Course Materials

    The training course will consist of lectures, case studies, practical exercises and DVDís where