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Petroleum Fiscal Systems, Analysis and Design Duration: 1 Week/s

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  • Course Code PFSAD
  • Course Date 5 Dec - 9 Dec 2022

Course Objectives:

The is course aims to understanding of the language, arithmetic, philosophy, theory, and practice of international petroleum taxation, production sharing agreements, and the variety of arrangements and fiscal devices that exist in the world. The emphasis is on practical aspects of petroleum taxation and industry/government relationships.

Who Should Attend?

Planners, accounting personnel in the oil and gas industry, policy makers

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

Introduction and classification of petroleum fiscal systems
Royalty/tax systems, including modern royalty/tax systems
Indonesian-type PSCs
Peruvian-type PSCs
Egyptian-type PSCs
Risk service contracts
Incremental production agreements
Basic contract elements
Successful efforts and full cost methods of accounting
Depreciation, depletion, and amortization
Reserve recognition accounting booking barrels
Sliding scales
Decommissioning provisions
Learning Goal

Participants should be able to:
Understand the variety of arrangements and fiscal devices that exists in the world today.
Understand the theory and practice of international petroleum taxation and production sharing arrangements between a host country and international oil companies.
Develop an understanding of the relationship between accounting concepts and principles, and numerous fiscal systems in the international petroleum industry.
Undertake practical fiscal system analysis and design.

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