Course Detail

IT Skills and Microsoft Office for Executives Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4260 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code ITMOE
  • Course Date 8 Jun - 12 Jun 2020

Course Objective

This course is designed for non-IT people: managers, executives, and other employees, who have little or no PC experience, and who need to know how to use the PC in the workplace and specifically use the Microsoft Office product.

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers and other office PC users

Prerequisite Courses


This course can be combined with IFSBU (Internet Facilities and Security for Business Users) to make a 2 week training programme

Course Overview

  • The basic features of any PC (including notebooks/laptops)

  • How PC’s communicate with other devices and with each other

  • The Windows (XP and/or 2003) operating system

  • Connecting new “plug-and-play” devices

  • Using windows and installing new programs

  • Using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  • What is Microsoft Office?

  • Using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

  • Creating address books

  • Advanced features of Word and Excel

  • Introduction to Access

  • Linking and embedding documents

  • Using WinZip to compress files

  • Taking backups - and how important this is

  • How to create backup CD’s (and DVD’s)

  • Sending files by email, CD, FTP

  • Security threats: the importance of anti-virus and firewall precautions

  • Learning Goal

    Upon completion of this course, delegates should be able to:

  • Use a PC with ease and familiarity

  • Install programs and “plug-and-play” devices

  • Use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  • Use all the main component parts of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

  • Compress and backup files

  • Be aware of virus and intrusion threats, and the need to counter them

  • Communicate with other users by email

  • Course Materials

    Course notes, case study / exercise materials