Course Detail

Media Interviews, Presentation & Influencing Skills Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4260 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code MIPIS
  • Course Date 11 May - 15 May 2020

Course Objectives

The objective of this is to develop core communication skills for presentations, critical communications and media interviews, know how to plan and prepare well for presentations and media interviews, develop personal delivery styles to create maximum effect and impact, develop influencing skills for tricky conversations with stakeholders, complete a presentation and media interview in a way that achieves a desired outcome.

Who should attend?
All those who are required to speak on behalf of, and as ambassador of, their organisation to the media and who will benefit from enhancing their presentation skills to either internal or external audiences.

Course Overview
The training is adapted by our expert tutor to meet the precise learning goals of individual attendees. The outline contents are as follows:

  • Introductions and quick interview exercise

  • Benchmarking for critical communications and setting of individual learning objectives

  • Developing personal presence for presentations and dealing with the media

  • Filmed practice session and review

  • Planning an effective presentation

  • A structure for effective presentations (including influential communication tools)

  • Filmed practice session and video review (feedback on personal presentation performance)

  • Key tips for handling difficult questions and tricky conversations (feedback from the video)

  • Overview of how the media operate

  • What the media want from you

  • Effective preparation for handling a media interview

  • Planning a strategy for communicating critically important key messages

  • Use of a key communication technique that can be used for all types of media interview

  • How to use the questions as opportunities to communicate key messages

  • How to come across and maintain control during media interviews

  • Press interviews + practice

  • Radio interviews + practice

  • TV interviews + practice

  • Filmed practice and video review (feedback on the interview performance)

  • Further advice, tips and coaching as required

  • Course Materials

    The entire programme is fully interactive and provides valuable learning through experience. Teachings and practice sessions, in the main, are likely be given in the same order as described but with possible deviation or alterations depending on delegate objectives, group learning abilities and at the tutor’s discretion. The tutor will ensure a bespoke approach that caters for each attendee’s personal learning objectives, their speed of preparation for the practice sessions, individual performance and development requirements.