Course Detail

Managing Change and Human Resources Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4260 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code MCHR
  • Course Date 13 Apr - 17 Apr 2020

Course Objectives

The objective is to understand and manage the processes of change, see organisational change as normal and as an opportunity; to recognise the importance of good communications and improve them. Recognise how people are influenced to change. Increase your confidence in your ability to manage change

Who Should Attend?

Line managers, and project managers, Team leaders and supervisors, department managers

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • Introduction: Why do things keep changing? Delegates’ experience of change.

  • Principles and Techniques of Organisational change

  • - Organisational structures
    - Focusing on the future picture and long-term organisational goals
    - Analysing current organisational culture and identifying a more appropriate culture

  • A fundamental model of change: For organisational, team and personal changes

  • - Analysing the present -my team, my staff and myself
    - Visioning the future -Where do we want to be?
    - Managing the transition
    - Checklists and tools

  • Stages of Organisational Change.

  • - A detailed model for planning change
    - Barriers to change
    - Hard and soft management postures
    - Planning your own change

  • Why change programme fail
    - The most common errors
    - Some measured results
    - Your own change programme
    - Avoiding the most common errors
    - The paramount importance of communication

  • Human Resource Development

  • HR Strategies

  • Personal and team empowerment

  • Motivation for self –development and empowerment

  • Creating a continuous learning environment

  • Approaches to job enrichment in changing organisation

  • Learning Goal

    This seminar has been designed to enable participants

  • Effectively plan and manage your organisation’s Human Resources through organisational changes and developments

  • Deploy a range of ideas and skills for introducing changes that will lead to genuine improvements in output

  • Course Materials

    Hand outs, materials