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Nodal Analysis and Production Forecasting and Optimization for Green and Brown fields

Course Code: NAPFOM

Dates: 12 Aug - 16 Aug | 14 Oct - 18 Oct | 25 Nov - 29 Nov

Price: $4750

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objectives
Well Inflow/ Outflow NODAL Analysis is an integral part of a production or completion engineer’s work scope and is often applied throughout a well’s life to maximize value. The objective is to equip the participant with a comprehensive analytic technique, emphasizing real world application through multiple problems from different perspectives.

Who should Attend
Participants should be in a role that requires that they regularly perform or are required to technically review well inflow/outflow analysis.

Course Overview

  • Recognize the application and limitations of traditional well systems analysis

  • Identify data requirements for a meaningful analysis

  • Accurately model the various components of skin, including perforating

  • Do you know your Green Field?

  • How marginal is your field? Basic definitions and challenges.

  • Managing the development risks

  • Where is the oil and gas reserves?

  • Oil and gas distribution and uncertainties

  • Determination of potential reserve

  • Clustering small fields

  • How to deal with uncertainties?

  • Surface and subsurface integration to save cost

  • Role of new technology and data acquisition

  • Can you add value and lower cost?

  • Surface production system integration

  • Learning Goal
    Upon completion, participants will be able to approach a problem recognizing potential solution methods, prepare data for the analysis, identify sources of error, perform an analysis with industry software, and present a holistic recommendation. Topics related to perforating, components of skin, matching transient test data, outflow limitations, selecting artificial lift, liquid loading, and incorporating fluid PVT properties will be covered.

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