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Upstream and Downstream: Business Development & Commercial Operations

Course Code: BDCOD

Dates: 5 May - 9 May | 4 Aug - 8 Aug | 6 Oct - 10 Oct | 17 Nov - 21 Nov | 8 Dec - 12 Dec

Price: $4750

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objective
Business of oil & gas is contractually and technically complex, involving enormous capital along with some risks and uncertainties. It is often significantly influenced by geopolitical events. In this training course you will study the basics of oil & gas exploration, production, and the oil and gas recovery economics to fully understand the business and the essential contracting terms

Who should Attend
Business Development managers seeking new opportunities, negotiators and contracting professionals as well as Joint Venture officers

Course Overview

Introduction to Legal, Fiscal and Contractual Basics
Crude Oil & Gas
  • The Oil Industry Streams

  • Demand Drivers for Crude Oil

  • Drilling Contracts Contract Alternatives

  • Introduction to Contracts
    Kinds of Oil and Gas Interests
    Key Stages of Petroleum Projects in View of Contracts
    Roles, Responsibilities and Fiscal Tools
    Dissection of Petroleum Contracts

    Strategies and Solutions
    Fiscal Strategies and Solutions

    Negotiations Skills
    Art and Science of Negotiations Skills

    Learning Goal
  • Gain broad perspective of what are the essential factors in oil and gas business

  • Enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of oil & gas law, and the commercial contracts

  • Evaluate the technical, commercial, and financial aspects of oil & gas contracts and their impact on the profitability

  • Confidently discuss the technical terms, concepts with your peers and clients

  • Master the negotiations skills, lead and influence business agreements towards successful contracts

  • Course Materials
    Handouts, Materials

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