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Select and Evaluate Proper Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Kigali Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price
  • Location Kigali Courses
  • Course Code SEEORK
  • Course Date 17 Oct - 21 Oct 2022

Course Objectives:

Fundamentals and theory of enhance oil recovery, polymer flooding, surface flooding, miscible
gas flooding and steam flooding. Application of fractional flow theory. Strategies and
displacement performance.

Who Should Attend?

Production Technologists, Engineers, Field Technicians, Reservoir Engineers, etc

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • General Enhanced Oil Recovery - Reservoir Engineering

  • Definition of reserves

  • Environmental and Economics aspects of EOR methods

  • Displacement fundamentals

  • Reservoir engineering concepts for EOR

  • Factors affecting Oil Recovery

  • Comparative Performance of Different EOR methods

  • Screening criteria and technical constraints

  • Definitions of Mobility Ratios, Sweeping Efficiencies, Recovery Efficiencies

  • Phase behaviour and fluid properties

  • General Solvent Methods

  • Phase behaviour fundamentals

  • Quantative representations of phase equilibria processes

  • Ternary diagrams to represent Gas Injection processes

  • Mechanisms of Oil Discplacement, diffusion and dispersion

  • Hydrocarbon Miscible Displacement: First contact process, Condensing Gas Process

  • Minimum Miscibility Pressure

  • Dissipation in Miscible Displacements

  • Instability Phenomena

  • Chemical and Polymer Flooding

  • Fractional flow theory

  • Dissipation in Immiscible Displacements

  • Applications of Fractional Flow in Oil Recovery

  • Improved Waterflooding (Polymer) Processes

  • Rheology of Polymer solutions

  • Polymer Adsorbtion and retention

  • Properties of Surfactants and cosurfactants

  • Surfactant Brine-Oil phase behaviour

  • Determination of Residual Oil Saturation

  • Steam Injection Processes

  • Cyclic and Continuous steam injection

  • Thermal properties of Fluids and Solids

  • Steam properties - Flow Rate and Quality

  • Temperature Effect on Reservoir and Fluid Properties

  • Oil Characterisation for Thermal Reservoirs

  • Evaluation of Heat Losses

  • Prediction of Steam Flood
  • Performance: Cyclic Steam, Steamflood Performance

    Course Materials

    Throughout the training course, all instruction will be enhanced through case studies, DVD and
    exercises to demonstrate aspects of the course