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Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Dubai

Course Code: FSAVD

Dates: 3 Mar - 7 Mar | 5 May - 9 May | 8 Sep - 12 Sep | 24 Nov - 28 Nov

Price: $3950

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objective

This course will introduce corporate, business unit and operational strategy compared with strategic vs business planning. The course will illustrate types and purpose of financial reports and instruments and provide the delegates with an understanding of the importance of strategic analysis for understanding life cycle context of financial statements.

Who Should Attend?

Executives, Directors, Financial Analyst, Regulators.

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

Accounting Analysis
- Tangible Non-Current Fixed Assets
- Intangibles/Goodwill
- Investments
- Working Capital
- Liabilities
- Capital
- Income Statement
- Statement of Cash Flow
Financial Analysis
- Ratio Analysis
- Cashflow Analysis
- Liquiditiy Analysis
Prospective Analysis
- Financial Statement Forecasting
- An introduction to Valuation

Course Materials

Course notes, handouts

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