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Best Practice Internal Audit Dubai

Course Code: BPIAD

Dates: 19 Mar - 23 Mar | 25 Jun - 29 Jun | 10 Sep - 14 Sep | 12 Nov - 16 Nov

Price: £2750

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with the necessary skill set to conduct an Internal Audit

Who Should Attend?

Decision makers, project leaders, managers, engineers, accountants, auditors

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

• Developing a best practice framework
• The Audit Role
• The Internal Audit function
• Audit Planning
• Internal and External Relationships and new challenges
• Innovative audit reporting
• The need for reports with impact
• Understanding the problems associated with traditional audit reports
• 10 best practice questions -how does your organisation measure up?
• 30 further best practice questions
• Determining a new approach
• Percentage of recommendations
• The best practice report
• Essential “do’s” and “don’ts”

Course Materials

Notes, hand outs and exercise materials
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