Course Detail

Pension Scheme Guidance and Trusteeship Dubai Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price $4950
  • Location Dubai Courses
  • Course Code PSGTD
  • Course Date 18 Jul – 22 Jul 2021

Course Objectives

The course includes four core modules that cover essential knowledge and understanding, seven application modules that cover various member events and one member interaction module that applies all relevant matters from the core and application modules. This course is also for trustees, or those interested in trusteeship, based on the Pensions Regulator’s indicative syllabus. It provides formal recognition of a trustee’s knowledge and understanding.

Who Should Attend?

Pension schemes administrators, Pension reporting staff, Pension fund managers, Regulators, Pension governance specialists, Trustees, etc.

Course Overview

Core knowledge modules
(1) Information, Advice and Guidance on Pension Benefits
(2) Options available from Different Pension Schemes
(3) Financial considerations when making Pension Benefit Decisions
(4) Lifestyle factors that impact on Pension Benefit Decisions

Application modules
(5) Joining an Occupational Pension Scheme
(6) Leaving an Occupational Pension Scheme
(7) Transferring Pension Benefits
(8) Divorce and Pension Benefits
(9) Pension Scheme Death Benefits
(10) Pension Scheme Retirement Benefits
(11) Annuities and Pension Benefits
Member interaction module
(12) Communicating with Pension Scheme Members Seeking Guidance

  • Law and pensions overview

  • Investment and funding issues for defined contribution and defined benefit pensions

  • Scheme management issues for defined contribution and defined benefit pensions

  • Dynamic presentations support each of the topics together with interactive sessions of discussion. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice these skills.

    Course Materials

    Case studies, small group work, exercises and feedback will be used to facilitate learning.