Course Detail

Private Equity Fund Malaysia Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price $4950
  • Location Malaysia Courses
  • Course Code PEFM
  • Course Date 18 Oct - 22 Oct 2021

Course Objectives

Asset strippers or corporate saviours? Whatever the perception, the private Equity (PE) sector plays a significant part in the functioning of the global capital markets. This course provides a comprehensive insight to PE shareholder objectives. Topics explored include deal appraisal and execution, regulation, and the participants that target returns from the turnaround of distressed corporate entities

Who Should Attend?

-Business Development candidates entering the private equity space
-Financial Technologists needing a deeper business understanding
-Private equity staff needing a wider perspective on their business
-Those new to private equity

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

Defining Private Equity
-Concepts and objectives
-Corporate models and incentives
-Current landscape (UK, US and Global)
Deal Entry to Exit Strategy
-Public/private perspectives (inclu.De-lists)
-Common entry criteria
-Attribute of an exit strategy
Deal Origination and Structuring
-Intermediation (M&A, etc.)
-Deal flow
-Funding structures and sourcing
Deal Execution
-Due diligence
-Success (failure) criteria
Implementation Deal Objectives
-Analytical process and reporting
-Management / financial restructuring
-Assessing products and services
Defining Entry / Exit
-Understanding key metrics (e.g. EBITDA)
-Exit options (e.g. IPO, Sell-on) and planning
Private equity participants
-Shareholder profiles and objectives
-Investment Bank
-M&A intermediaries
-Private equity firms
-Risk management
-Current directives and emerging themes
Reviewing Private Equity Operations
-Technology evaluation criteria
-Deal workflow
-Current Challenges
The Future
-Regulatory demands
-Deal flow projections
-The global perspective

Learning Goal

At the end of the course, delegates should have:

Conversancy in the language and business of private equity
A solid understanding of private equity concepts and the objectives
Clarity on the private equity business (equity/exit cycle) + workflow

Course Materials

Course notes, handouts