Course Detail

Masterclass: Transforming from Manager to Leader Dubai Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price $4950
  • Location Dubai Courses
  • Course Code MTMLD
  • Course Date 31 Jan - 4 Feb 2021

Course Objectives
This training seminar is a comprehensive development training course that addresses the key skills, qualities and attributes of both Leadership and Management. The program will cover all aspects of leadership and management with the main emphasis being on the human side of leading and managing people. Understanding the skills required for contemporary Management and how to apply them. Understanding the role of the modern Leader in its many forms. Discovering & practicing different styles Leadership such as Coaching. Gaining and using workplace skills for Managing people more effectively. Understanding the need for motivation and how to apply it to self, individuals and teams. Developing enduring human relationships to benefit business performance.

Who Should Attend
First time managers. Middle Managers looking to increase their skill-set. Senior Manager. Aspiring Leaders. Team Leaders and Workplace Leaders. HR Professionals and Senior Technical Heads. Project Managers. Senior Leaders.

Prerequisite Courses

Course Overview
The Manager as Team Leader

  • Teamwork best practices. Creating a high-performance team. Empowerment and its link to performance.

  • Team decision making: when and how to achieve a consensus. The 4 stages of team development. Team-building techniques. Team building activity #1

  • The Manager as Change Agent
  • The challenge of personal change. 6 typical reactions to change. Handling resistance. The top attributes of change agents. 6 sources of power. The secrets of assertiveness

  • Case study: Managing change
    The Manager as a Coach

  • The value of good relationships. The impact of expectations on performance.

  • Engaging employees on setting stretch goals. Coaching SMART goals.

  • Effective coaching meetings. The challenges of motivating employees.
  • Case study - The Art of Possibilities

  • Managing Myself as a Leader
  • The difference between leading and managing. The importance of perception.

  • Intrapersonal & interpersonal skills for the leader. Self-Scoring Behavioural Style Assessment. Understanding the Model for leadership. Removing emotional blind-spots.

  • Leadership Self-Assessment

  • The Manager as a Strategist
  • The changing reality of organizational life. New challenges and roles of the surviving manager. Stakeholder expectations. The challenges of motivating employees.

  • Strategic performance drivers of an effective organization.

  • The difference between leading and managing. Creating a compelling strategic vision.

  • The power of living the values. Strategy challenge: Towers fall
    The Manager as the Project Team Facilitator

  • The differences between a Manager & a Facilitator. The role of the facilitator.

  • Analyse and understand current issues and conflicts. Provide training and support.

  • Participate and manage team meetings. Ensure time keeping throughout the project.

  • Ensure effective communications. The top 5 skills of a great facilitator.

  • Facilitation simulation & role play

  • Leading a Team
  • Managing a team vs. Leading a team. How does a team work best?

  • Teamwork skills to be developed. Optimizing the leader's natural strengths.

  • Understanding team processes. Building effective teams. Team building activity #2

  • Communication for Leaders
  • The importance of perception. Roadblocks to good communication.

  • Practical activity: “Communication shutdowns”. Active speaking for effect.

  • Practical application: “Picture this”. Active listening to be effective. Role play in communicating as a Leader

  • Engaging Leadership Values
  • 9 Core leadership values. 21 Core Beliefs That Will Take Your Leadership from Good to Great. Communicating your values to your team. Intentionality for self-motivation.

  • Interpersonal connections for persuasive leadership. Integrity for accountable leadership.

  • Group discussion on Leaders you admire & why

  • Innovative Leadership
  • Personal leadership styles. Openness to innovative ideas. Divergent thinking skills.

  • Removing blocks to creativity. Understanding the creative process.

  • Metaphors and analogies for innovative thinking. Leadership style assessment

  • Learning Goals

    By the end of the training course, Participants will:
  • Be aware of the differences between management and leadership skills.

  • Be more confident and skilled in the demands required of their role.

  • Be aware of how to motivate, influence and communicate with varied individuals and teams.

  • Be aware of their leadership style through an assessment.

  • Have the skills to organize, motivate and galvanize work teams to operate more effectively