Course Detail

Computer Disaster Contingency Planning & Auditing Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4260 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code CDCPA
  • Course Date 21 Jun - 25 Jun 2021

Course Objective

Disaster can strike unexpectedly and disrupt the activities of an organisation where the entity has become dependent on computer systems for critical applications. Therefore, there is a need for an effective contingency planning for computer disaster prevention, recovery and business resumption

Who Should Attend?

Auditors, Computer Executives, Internal Control officers, and security department managers who form part of the contingency planning or review team

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • The Concept of Going-concern and Business Continuity

  • Disaster Contingency Planning Objectives

  • Disaster Risk, Vulnerability and Impact Analysis

  • Business Continuity as a Key Management Responsibility

  • How Disasters Expose the Internal Control System

  • Contingency Planning Strategies

  • Developing Disaster and Recovery Scenarios

  • Documenting the Disaster Contingency Plan

  • Testing the Disaster Contingency Provisions

  • Developing Audit Plan and Program Steps

  • Auditing the Contingency Plan and Provisions

  • Developing Management Reports

  • Learning Goal

    This seminar has been designed to enable delegates to:
  • Develop contingency consciousness

  • Acquire knowledge necessary to support a contingency planning process

  • Learn contingency planning methods

  • Advise management

  • Challenge existing contingency plans for effectiveness

  • Analyse disaster risks and audit plans for reasonableness and efficacy

  • Course Materials

    Course notes, case study and exercise materials