Course Detail

Introduction to General Safety Management Duration: 1 Week/s

Course Information

  • Course Price £4260 Plus VAT
  • Location UK Courses
  • Course Code IGSM
  • Course Date 6 Dec - 10 Dec 2021

Course Objectives

Every employer has a legal obligation to furnish employment and a place of employment free from known hazards that could cause serious injury or death. The objective of this course is designed to give you some ideas to help meet that obligation and apply effective management principles to the function of workplace safety. The goal is to help you understand these principles so that it affects your thinking, beliefs, decision and finally your actions to improve your company’s safety management system and leadership culture.

Who Should Attend?

Executive Managers, Supervisors, and manager responsible for the health and safety of workers, Personnel involved in a safety and health program, etc.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Safety Management System

  • Commitment and leadership

  • Accountability

  • Safety involvement

  • Effective communication

  • Hazard identification and control

  • Accident investigation

  • Education and training

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Learning Goal

    This course has been designed to enable participants
  • To study the key elements of an effective safety and health program covered in this course and come up with a plan to suit your individual workplace.

  • To design your company's safety and health program that top management demonstrates not only an interest, but a long-term serious commitment to protect every employee from injury and illness on the job

  • Understand the purpose of safety commitment in an organization

  • Understand Involvement in safety management system formulation and implementation

  • To explore some of the effective strategies for increasing employee involvement in workplace safety

  • To learn about the importance of recognizing appropriate safety behaviors to improve employee involvement:

  • To learn how employees can get involved in proactive hazard identification to help eliminate hazards in the workplace.

  • To the various concepts, principles and procedures related to the analysis process so that you can, hopefully, transform your workplace, as close as possible, into a "risk free" zone.

  • To determine why safety is important and how to work safely, they will demonstrate personal safety leadership by working safely, even when performing hazardous tasks when working alone.

  • To understand why it is important to make sure all elements of the Safety Management System (SMS) are in place, top quality, and effectively maintained.

  • Course Materials

    Handouts, materials