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IT Skills and Microsoft Office for Managers and Executives

Course Code: ITMOE

Dates: 15 Apr - 19 Apr | 15 Jul - 19 Jul | 7 Oct - 11 Oct | 9 Dec - 13 Dec

Price: £2950 Plus VAT

Duration: 1 Week /s

Key objectives
Understand 'The Cloud' and Office 365 Applications. Understand how to access applications and documents through a browser. Use Skype for Business to communicate, set up and join meetings. Understand how to work collaboratively with Office 365 through OneDrive. Use Office Online Apps: the online companions to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Save and share documents from within Office 2016 via Office 365

Who Should Attend
Executives, Managers and other office PC users

Course Overview
  • Introducing Cloud Computing. Identify and Outline the Component Products in Office 365 including Outlook Web App, Office Online Apps, OneDrive and Skype for Business.

  • Navigating around Office 365, Customising the Office 365 Nav Bar. Updating your Profile in Office 365.

  • Overview of Skype for Business, Viewing and Setting Presence Status. Using Instant Messages in Business. Understanding the Interactive Contact Card in Microsoft Office Applications, Integration with Outlook, etc.

  • What is OneDrive for Business. Navigating around OneDrive, Accessing Content in OneDrive

  • Using the Office Online Apps, Sharing Documents and Collaborating. Connecting Microsoft Office to OneDrive. Creating Office Documents and Saving Directly to OneDrive.

  • Navigating around OneDrive for Business. Creating and editing content using the Office Online Apps. Sharing Documents. Co-Editing and collaboration with OneDrive

  • Excel and the Excel Environment. Navigate and Select in Worksheets. Create a Basic Workbook. Open, Save and Close Workbooks. Use Microsoft Help. Cut, Copy and Paste Commands. Flash Fill AutoFill Options. Find and Replace, Spelling. Undo and Redo Insert and Delete Options. Column Width and Row Height. Create Relative Formulas. Auto Calculate, Insert Functions. Use AutoSum, Copy Formulas.

  • Font Group, Add Borders and Fill Colours. Cell Alignment, Number Formatting

  • Manage Worksheets. View Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface. Create a Word Document and help
  • Navigate and Select Text, Modify Text. Find and Replace Text

  • Apply Character Formatting, Align Text Using Tabs. Display Text as List Items, Control Paragraph Layout. Apply Borders and Shading, Apply Styles. Manage Formatting

  • Insert a Table, Modify a Table. Format a Table, Convert Text to a Table

  • Apply a Page Border and Colour. Add a Watermark, Add Headers and Footers

  • Navigate the PowerPoint Environment. Create and Save a PowerPoint Presentation. Select a Presentation Type. View and Navigate a Presentation. Format Characters, Format Paragraphs Insert Clip Art and Images, Insert Shapes. Edit Objects, Format Objects. Group Objects Arrange Objects. Create a Table, Format a Table. Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications. Create a Chart, Format a Chart. Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel. Review Your Presentation, Apply Transitions. Print Your Presentation, Deliver Your Presentation

  • Course Materials
    Course notes and Handouts

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