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Improving Productivity and Employee Engagement

Course Code: IPEED

Dates: 14 Apr - 28 Apr | 9 Jun - 13 Jun | 15 Sep - 19 Sep | 10 Nov - 14 Nov | 8 Dec - 12 Dec

Price: $3950

Duration: 1 Week /s

Course Objective
This programme examines the evidence of why engagement matters and how to build it into the organisational landscape by offering techniques to create engagement and reconstruct the psychological contract between employee and employer.

Who should Attend
This course attracts participants who are team leaders and are expected to manage employees

Course Overview

Employee Engagement and Business Success
  • What is employment engagement? A model for practice

  • The business case for engagement. How employee engagement impacts business success

  • Aligning Performance to Create Trust & Engagement
  • The power of collective wisdom
    Team purpose - Performance Management, KPI’s and MBO’s

  • The importance of behaviours - building a team charter

  • Harnessing Potential to Create Engagement: Motivation, Commitment and Competence
  • Task and Job Allocation - right player right position

  • Dealing with Poor Performance - Coaching for team and individual performance issues

  • Creating a Culture of Engagement through Generous “Front Line” Leadership
  • The front tine leadership challenge - Creating a culture of connection

  • Action planning against the Employee engagement model

  • Learning Goal

    Delegates are exposed to the leadership competencies, skills and behaviours required to build and maintain successful outcomes.

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