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Fundamentals Of Seismic Mapping And Interpretation Dubai

Course Code: FSMID

Dates: 17 May - 28 May | 26 Jul - 6 Aug | 18 Oct - 29 Oct | 29 Nov - 10 Dec

Price: $4500

Duration: 1 Week /s

Duration: 2 Weeks

Course Objective

This course is designed to show a good understanding of subsurface activity for which geophysical techniques are essential. An overview is given of the methods employed in the oil industry with the main emphasis on seismic techniques. Aspects of rock types and stratification together with seismic acquisition and processing are given together with mapping and interpretation.

Who Should Attend

Petroleum Engineers, Geophysists, etc.

Prerequisite Courses


Course Overview

  • Introduction to Seismology within the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Summary of non-seismic method - gravity, magnetics

  • Practical aspects of seismic acquisition

  • Seismic Interpretation concepts

  • Overview of seismic
  • pre-processing, statics, velocity analysis and migration
  • Deepwater petroleum geology

  • Exploration and Production in Deep Water

  • Well Geophysics

  • Structural Interpretation

  • Stratigraphics and interpretation

  • Role of seismic data in reservoir life cycle

  • Seismic wave propagation

  • Seismic reflection principles

  • Course Materials

    Course notes, handouts

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